Muskatina 2017

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Product Description

Vineyard              Schüttenberg, Haidäcker

soil                         dry gravel

climate                 The Muskateller grows on the top of the highest hill of our region – the Schüttenberg. The gravel there gets very hot during summer days and the nearby River Danube, as well as the forest around the vineyard, bring cool nights to keep the aromatic and crispy style for our Muskatina intact.

vinification          harvested and selected by hand in the middle of September, single-berry-selection in the cellar, fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at about 18 °C to preserve fresh and crispy style

alc. content        12 % Vol

total acidity        7.2 g/l

res. sugar             3 g/l

potential              2018 – 2021

tasting notes         intensive muskat-aromas, elderflowers, fresh Muskateller grape in the nose, crispy and refreshing palate, fizzy.

pairing                  summer-salads, Quiche Lorraine, light fish- and chicken-dishes or you enjoy the noble and delicious aroma of this wine alone in quiet hours.

perfect glass       Universal-Glass (Chardonnay- or Chianti-glass)

ideal temp.         7-9 °C