Welschriesling 2018

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Product Description

vineyard              Kräften, Rothenberg, Plutzer

soil                         deep and nutritious loessy grounds with gravel

climate                 Our Welschriesling grows in „cooler“ places, where the winds from the river Danube bring cool nightly gusts. This is particularly important during hot summer days, and allows the grapes to stay fresh and the acidity fizzy.

vinification          harvested and selected by hand, single-berry-selection in the cellar, fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at about 18 °C to preserve a fresh and crispy style

alc. content        12,5 % Vol

total acidity        6.1 g/l

potential              2017 – 2021

tasting notes         Youthful character, fine herbal bouquet of sun-dried hey and balm-mint, juicy apple and lime on the palate

pairing                  Austrian kitchen such as Wiener Schnitzel, roasted or fried chicken, turkey, cold buffet, vegetables, fish and seafood

perfect glass       Chianti-glass or a slim tulip-formed glass for young wines

ideal temp.         8°C